Mavi Blondi - brandnew!
5 November 2018
New by Madonna Escort

Mandy - 20 years old from Poland.

Freiclub 2018 - starting Monday, 19th of November!
19 November 2018
Choice for MISS FREICLUB 2018 - Please vote for us!

The free club exclusively presents the annual highlight of the erotic: The choice of Miss Freiclub (F & B). We are looking for the best and the hottest ladies of the year. If you were satisfied as my guest, I would be pleased if you confirm this with your vote in this election. In addition, it is also worth it for you: there are really sharp prices (for example, a "hot weekend" in a metropolis and other sparkling surprises) to win. So - join in, join in, win! All information in the "Wahl-Lokal" at: Deadline for entries is 22 December 2018. Thank you and good luck!

Your team from Madonna Escort

Sade Gray - Coming back soon
5 November 2018
Coming soon only at Madonna Escort

Sweet and yet incredibly cheeky. This 19 year-old temptation with long black hair and sugar-sweet apple poppy will get you out of your mind. With passion and dedication she will fulfill any dreams, no matter what erotic desires you want to fulfill.

Dumb slave - coming back soon!
5 November 2018
Coming soon only at Madonna Escort

When the dumb slave arrived, we were speechless. She entered our ambience and immediately began cleaning without being asked. She cleaned the whole ambience and that on all fours.

Annacaly - Coming back soon
20 October 2018
Coming soon only at Madonna Escort

Available from Sunday!

Lexy Vegas - is here again
20 April 2018

if you are an Anal Sex fan, so this is the right one for you

C Bone- is here again
20 April 2018

you can have me on both sides, active and passive. you have the choice.

Bald ist es wieder Weihnachten!
18 Dezember 2017

Hallo liebe Freunde, Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Zeit und Gelegenheit sich Gedanken über das vergangene Jahr zu machen und das Jahr in geselligem Beisammensein abzuschließen. Feiern sie doch dieses Jahr bei Madonna Girls, in einem der schönsten Etablissments in Hessen. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Damen in weihnachtlichem Ambiente verzaubern und geniessen Sie Madonna Girls und die Köstlichkeiten internationaler Damen.

Madonna Girls beraten Sie gerne, um für Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter eine spezielle Überraschung ganz nach Ihren Wünschen zusamenzustellen und planen mit Ihnen einen persönlichen Ablauf der Veranstaltung.
Madonna Girls hat spezielle Überraschungsvorschläge für Sie entworfen und kreiert. Gerne dürfen Sie an unseren Menüsvorschlägen Änderungen vornehmen, einen Gang hinzufügen, austauschen oder auch weglassen. Wir gestalten jede Feierlichkeit nach Ihren speziellen Wünschen. Fern von jedem Stress können Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter auch bei uns gemütlich Ihren Jahresabschluss feiern. Madonna Girls berät sie auch hierzu sehr gerne. Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung um einen Termin zu vereinbaren, Fragen zu klären, Ideen auszuarbeiten und um Ihre gelungene Weihnachsfeier zu organisieren.

Let's celebrate together Madonna Girls 10th Anniversary
18 June 2017

Madonna Escort - The luxurious feel-good address in Bad Homburg has its 10th anniversary. Madonna Girls - enjoy with all your senses. We fulfill individual wishes and dreams - and for sure also yours. More at

Adele Kenzo- Top Tip Freiclub recommendation
05 October 2017

Adele Kenzo was recommended as a Top Tip in Freiclub. On this occasion she has a special surprise as a thank you to FC members!

Dirty Games
11 September 2017

You love it really dirty? You are a friend of excessive games and you are addicted to cross-border experiences? Or have you just recently discovered your bizarre preferences by yourself and would like to be introduced slowly into the matter? Your thoughts have long been about "dirty games" and it is a secret which you could not share with anyone so far?

Exclusively at Madonna Girls Vanilla
04 September 2017

When this blonde gazes in her mysterious and alluring way with her beautiful blue eyes, you will feel the erotic energy of this 37 year old sexy chick

Kelis is back
25 August 2017

Willful nymphomaniac with black hair and the desire to spoil you and to satisfy herself completely.

Slave no-name – I’m back and available to serve you
25 August 2017

Do not you want to be my master and tell me what you expect from me, give me rules of behavior and day-to-day tasks, and be able to express your desire to be dominant?

Sade Gray - Top Tip Freiclub recommendation
22 August 2017

Sade Gray was recommended as a Top Tip in Freiclub. On this occasion she has a special surprise as a thank you to FC members!

Young Dominatrix Diabla
26 July 2017

New and exclusive at Madonna girls in Bad Homburg. I read your looks, but one thing is clear: Here the play is based on my rules! Just let yourself fall in my hands. You will appreciate my arrogant, cold and pervert side as much as my loving and gentle lead.

26 July 2017

18 years young from Germany Psychomania, maybe I'm a crazy, but maybe I just have two faces and love to live out both sides. Maybe I do not know whether I am a strict dominatrix or a bad slave.

Brandnew Kylie
26 July 2017

19 years young beginner with super long legs, a sexy body and bust size of 80C. A touch of glamor and absolute elegance! This noble girly with the wonderful slim figure redefines the words exclusivity and sensual entertainment! The stylish 1.82 tall chick seduces you in an incredibly elegant way with her breathtaking tender, crisp and sexy dream body

Brandnew Madison Evens
26 July 2017

21 year old sweet greedy gal with 85D natural bosoms and black hair. The 21 year old sexy tits slut from Hungary is a perverse piece and is constantly looking for new adventures. When it comes to pleasure, you do not you want to compromise at all and not have to talk around for too long?

Freiclub awards 2016
12 May 2016

Dear Freiclub members, hello to all friends and fans. Many, many thanks for so many nice votes as top address and top escort 2016. We were very pleased that so many people voted for us. The year 2016 has given us the possibility to meet many nice and great people from the Freiclub, so we are looking forward to the year 2017 together with the Freiclub. We will do our best to be at your disposal as sincere as you are used to by us. 

Thank you for your trust in us! 

Your team of Madonna Escort